Thursday, 10 October 2019

How to install Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source and freely available web browser. Which was created in September 2002? Mozilla keeps updating itself year after year. Developers are there to update Mozilla Firefox's version by adding some features with it. This browser is available for Windows, Linux, MAC. So, what browser you prefer to use when you need to surf the internet? Well, if it is Mozilla Firefox then your choice is good as you might be using a number of wonderful attributes of this browser in that case, which includes spell checking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking and many more. Since this browser is mostly popular for its clean interface, it is also considered the fastest browsers in comparison to other available browsers. However, the users might be stuck into catch-22 situations the time when any issue crop up in your browser and you are not able to eliminate them with your limited technical knowledge. 

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