Thursday, 22 August 2019

Check out the simple procedure to connect Hp printer to iPhone

In recent years, printing has become simpler after the introduction of the printer device. Further, the best thing about these devices is that they are equipped with the latest features and technologies which has made it easier for the users to print and scan their documents in time. Also, the users can even use their iPhone devices to print the required documents using the Hp printers. So, to help out the users with the procedure to connect iPhone to printer here they will be provided with the required steps.

Connecting Hp printer using iPhone

For those who are not aware, the users can easily print the documents stored in their device by using the Printer App for iPhone, AirPrint service. AirPrint is basically an in-built wireless printing solution for various Apple devices. Further, for the users who wish to print using their iPhone, they are required to follow the simple steps provided below.

                    For printing the document using the iPhone, the user is required to connect the Hp printer and iPhone wirelessly to use the AirPrint service.
                    Further, on the iPhone, the user is required to ensure that the device is connected to the wireless network.
                    Also, the user is required to check the network connection of the Hp printer.
                    And when the printer is connected to the network the user skip all the steps until print and device option appears.
                    Now, the user is required to connect the Hp printer with the network and proceed with the printing process.
                    Then, for printing documents using the iPhone, the user needs to ensure that the printer is properly installed.
                    Further, in the iPhone, the user is required to select the document that they wish to print and click on the Share button.
                    Now, the user is required to tap on the print option and select the printer that they wish to connect with their iPhone device.
                    After that, the user is required to make changes in the print settings.            
                    Then, the user needs to provide the print command and check the print quality.

Hence, with the completion of this process, one can easily print documents from Hp device using an iPhone. So, follow the steps carefully to print documents from the device effortlessly without any issues. Still, if the passenger has queries, they can feel free to contact the support for required help to print documents using the iPhone.

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